The Ten Most Beautiful Towns of Tuscany

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In today's article I'm going to try and put in order, according to my point of view, which should be considered the  top 10 most beautiful villages of Tuscany and those which a traveller should try and discover during their visit to this beautiful land.
1. Montepulciano (Province of Siena)

Montepulciano is without a doubt one of the most symbollic towns of Tuscany and where they produce one of the best wines in our land: the "Nobile di Montepulciano".
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2. Pienza

A few kilometres from Montepulciano you will find Pienza, a unique community whose beauty is unrivalled and is essential to visit during your travels to Tuscany.
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3. San Gimignano
Of course, within the top 3 of the most beautiful towns to visit in Tuscany is the medieval town of San Gimignano, which still retains its original 1400s aesthetic.
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Straying from the main routes your next path should take you close to the seaside,  in the far west of Tuscany you will find Pitigliano. The town constructed in a mountain of Tufo (which is what they call this particular type of terrain that you can see in the photo) there is conserved a small Jewish quarter. A stroll through the small streets you will be transported to a wonderful world where time stands still.
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5. Volterra

Not far from Pitigliano we find another village of incredible beauty: Volterra. The part that fascinates me the most about this place is its Roman Theatre, which has been very well preserved.
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6. Anghiari

You will find Anghiari in the province of Arezzo, just to the east of Tuscany, in the mountains of Appenni. If you find yourself in the area of Arezzo and Casentino, then this town is definitely worth a visit.
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7. Cortona

Following on in the province of Arezzo, Cortona is another town that we really must include if we are classifying the top 10 towns of Tuscany. The town that you find at the top of a hill enjoys a priveleged position with excellent views of Lake Trasimeno and Laval di Chiana.
This town has been the muse of the famous movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun".  
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8. Lucignano

In the province of Arezzo just a few short kilometers from Cortona you will find this town whose beauty is equal to Cortona, from the top of a large hill, it enjoys wonderful views of the Val di Chiana.

9. Monteriggioni

In between Florence and Siena you will find this little village that still has its medieval walls and towers. To visit this small town is without a doubt an experience that will transport you to the Middle Ages, as its present appearance is not much changed since that era.
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10. Montalcino
We close the Top 10 of Tuscany with Montalcino, a place where they produce the best wines of Italy and the wolrd: los Brunello. The village lies between Mount Amiata and the sea and is well described in this article:
As always, with this article I hope to be helpful in organizing your trip to Tuscany.


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