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Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the safest areas of Italy to visit in times of Covid. Our region is characterized by small cities (except Florence) and many small towns surrounded by beautiful hills. The population density is low compared to other places in the world which makes a trip in our lands safer, so if you are reading these lines why are you thinking of visiting them this season, below you will find some routes and tips that can help you.

1 - Establish the base in an Agriturismo or Apartment in town.

Tuscany is a region that during the 80s and 90s had a significant rural tourism boom and since those years the amount of accommodation available in rural houses and small towns has increased every year. If your trip is from May to October my advice is to search among the many possibilities of rural houses that are on the internet. Most of them offer furnished apartments with kitchen and swimming pool and are perfect for a family getaway since they will allow you to have lunch and dinner at home. If, on the other hand, your trip in Tuscany is designed more for the winter months, perhaps an excellent option that is also very economical is to stay in town apartments. One of them that I recommend for its price, location and quality are those of Belle Viste, although if you search on websites like airbnb you will find many and at excellent prices.

2 - Routes through the villages

As I mentioned in the introduction, Tuscany offers many places of interest, in particular its small towns and its fairytale landscapes. Both activities are relatively safe in times of Covid since there are many panoramic routes that you can do with your car and visits to the towns are relatively safe because you will not find a large number of people.

Over the years I have written many articles about towns and places to visit so what I am going to do is simply comment on them again below.

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If you are interested in knowing even more, on this page are all the articles on routes about Tuscany that I have written over the years.

3 - Travel with your own car.

The best way to get to know Tuscany is precisely with a car because most towns are difficult to access by public transport so this season the trip through Tuscany by car is not only more comfortable but it is much safer.

4 - Take a Covid Test with ease and safety for yourself and for others.

The Tuscany region offers many places to take the covid test at a price of around € 50. These tests can easily be found at the same airport in Florence or Pisa. There are also many medical centers that offer it at a slightly higher price throughout the territory. In these days taking the test is compulsory.

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